Vehicle Loans

New/Used Cars
At Co-op Services our Auto Loans are simple and straightforward with no hidden fees or confusing fine print. We can finance new or used vehicles, with 100% financing available for qualified borrowers. We offer competitive interest rates and loan terms up to six years, you can even defer payments for up to 60 days. You can also refinance your current high-rate loan from another financial institution and lower your monthly payment and save hundreds. Wondering how much you can afford? Use an auto loan calculator to find out what your payment will be. Get pre-approved, gain bargaining power and shop with confidence and convenience.

Boats, RVs, Motorcycles, Off-Road Vehicles
A Recreational Loan is the perfect way to get that motorcycle, snowmobile, RV or other off-road vehicle you’ve always wanted. We offer affordable financing and can even customize the terms for you. Whether you’re shopping for a new sailboat or a pre-owned cabin cruiser a Boat Loan from Co-op Services will guarantee smooth sailing. We can also help simplify your repayment terms by having your loan payment automatically deducted monthly from your Co-op Services savings or checking account.

Auto Safe Payments
Keeping track of payments can be tough and all it takes is one or two that are late to dramatically affect your credit score. Co-op Services has removed this concern by creating Auto Safe Payments. Now you can schedule your payment to come out of your Co-op Services checking account on a specific day of the month, eliminating late payments forever.